A small hamlet seated in the Northern half of Mho'raes, next to the main pathway to the Northern City of Stoneridge. Containing only a few dozen buildings and just over a hundred villagers, the village is known for being a somewhat regular layover location when heading to the North-most regions of the Island.


Facilities Edit

Talonhide Tavern Edit

Talonhide Tavern is run by a pair of Dwarves known as Aedrich & Calley. The Tavern is commonplace for outsiders and travellers through Crestfall. Known for their homebrewed drink, 'The Blackener'.

General Goods Edit

the General Goods is owned by a Halfling male known as Sheelik. The General Goods is the Hamlet's supply of food, drinks, tools and resources.They recieve a shipment of supplies weekly from Stoneridge, usually just enough to fuel the Hamlet.

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