Mho'raes is one of the three largest land masses across the Northern Isles. Known mainly as Dwarven lands, this territory primarily consists of Gold Dwarves, though scatterings of other races such as Halflings, Humans and Orcs can be found. Mho'raes is also one of the most desolate of the Islands, having very few large towns or cities. Most of which scattered days apart, even weeks.

Mho'raes Dwarf

Background Edit

Millennia ago the land of Mho'raes was inhabited by the ancient and forgotten civilisation known as the Orecutters. The Orecutters dug giant caverns and Catacombs many eras ago before they suddenly disappeared from the land. It is assumed that they were pushed to extinction. Not long after they left a clan of Gold Dwarves discovered the island and built their homes within the ancient caverns.

For generations the land of Mho'raes was inhabited by both Dwarves and Orcs in relative peace, though essentailly a stalemate. Though a few centuries ago the Orcs grew hungry for blood and began invading Dwarven territories in an attempt to claim Mho'raes for their own. Both the Orcs and the Dwarves lost many casualties. Though the Dwarves managed to eventually push the Orcish invaders back to the smaller surrounding islands. Since then the Dwarves have been in a state of constant expansion, building Strongholds and cities wherever they could.

Locations Edit

Known locations are as follows;

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